kye's comms !
he/him ﹒ i make crrds!

info ✿

i make carrds then transfer the code into to remove the "made with carrd" watermark and make it look more appealing in general! dm 4 examples

links more abt me . request here!

b4 u req..

1. i dont do nsfw/gore/kpop themed carrds do not dm if thats the theme you want /nm

2. if you chose a paid plan you have to pay first/halfway (i have proof of payment)

3. dont dm me if you're gonna rush me, be rude, or remove my credits from your carrd

4. a review is optional but it would be greatly appreciated !


i log into all account(s) on incognito so google doesnt save any passwords or login info + ur submitted form will be deleted once i finish making your carrd.

if u have any concerns pls feel free to dm me i have plenty of proof if that would make u feel more comfortable !